dilluns, d’octubre 15, 2007

My Blog Action Day entries summary

Well, for the people that arrive to my blog and don't understand Catalan, I want to do a short summary of my entries about the Blog Action Day.

In they, I write about how using Linux and Free Software is better for the environment than use non-free software. This is because non-free software, usually, use more resources than free software (use more CPU, more RAM memory, etc.) to do the same things. The most clear example is the new Windows Vista, that needs a lots of more resources than previous Windows.

This forces the people that want to use it a buy a more powerful machine. And this means that generate waste for the manufacture process and for the old PC, and a bigger energy consume, because the newer machines consumer more than the older.

This is a very short summary of all I write in the Catalan entries. Sorry for my bad English :P

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