diumenge, d’octubre 14, 2007

Catalonia - USA

National Catalan futsal team.

Today was the day that the national teams of Catalonia and USA had to play a soccer match. But the spanish football federation said that this match cannot be played and forbidden it.

This isn't an unusual fact. The spanish prohibitions and repressive acts again the catalan culture are usual. They try to hide the existence of the catalan culture and that is absolutely different that the spanish culture.

In Catalonia our own language is Catalan and not Spanish, and we do castells and don't kill bulls.

If you want to learn more about Catalonia, please visit this web.

Fortunately, the match of Catalonia an USA has been celebrated in futsal, because the national team of Catalonia form part of the AMF (Worldwide Futsal Association) and can compete internationally. They play two matches: 12 October in Girona and Today in Cornellà.

Please sorry for my English, it's not good.

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